August 29, 2007

IDEA to Offer EDI Training Courses at Main Office

IDEA is offering EDI training at its office in Arlington, VA. The two-day training session will be conducted by EDI Partners, a company that specializes in EDI education. The two-day session will begin with EDI 101 the first day and cover the following topics:

• Overview of EDI

• Introduction to ANSI X12 Standards

• Components of EDI — Value Added Networks

• Components of EDI — Hardware and Software

• EDI User Profiles and Key Barriers

The second day’s topic, ANSI X12 Standards will cover the following:

• ANSI Standards Introduction

• Getting Started in Mapping

• ANSI X12 Envelopes  

• ANSI X12 Acknowledgements & ANSI X12 Standards Process

• Invoice Exercise

If there is enough interest, IDEA will offer more advanced classes at a later date.

Each day session starts at 8:00AM and will be limited to the first 16 people that register. The fee per day is $500.

Dates: January 9-10, 2007

Please contact David Frenkel at 703-562-4610. You can visit the EDI Partners website for more information.