February 17, 2010

IDEA to Reveal Latest B2B eCommerce Solution at Activant Summit Next Month

IDEA will reveal the latest B2B eCommerce solution during an educational session at the Activant Summit on Thursday, March 11. The session titled “Unleash Your Business Potential with NEW! Web Enablement from IDEA” will explain IDEA’s new Web Enablement solution, which conforms to EDIPro standards and can be used by virtually anyone. This is the first public session that will discuss the new and exciting offering. The solution eliminates the need for you to implement complex, full-scale eBusiness programs, yet still delivers a low-cost, fast exchange of business information.

The solution is designed to help you reduce costs associated with orders by:

  • Integrating IDEA’s manufacturer catalog data and VAN service
  • Using accurate, consistent, and timely standardized data for distributor ordering
  • Allowing distributors to order from multiple suppliers in one location
  • Giving suppliers the ability to manage security with existing IDW authorizations
  • Conforming to multiple languages for global companies

See screen shot below for the Web Enablement product preview:

Session Title: Unleash Your Business Potential with Web Enablement from IDEA
Where:Activant Summit 2010; Washington, DC
When: Thursday, March 11, 3:30pm-4:30pm
Speaker: Nick Manzo, IDEA

More details about IDEA’s new Web Enablement solution will be released throughout 2010.