October 8, 2008

IDEA Virtualizes IDX to Make Your Business Data Travel Faster

IDEA made server, storage and back-up improvements to the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) in the latest upgrade so that you don’t have to worry about your data after you hit send. The upgrade moved nine physical servers and clones to ten virtual machine servers (a database server was added) hosted on only two physical systems with a server cluster and two supporting systems for backups and administrative tasks. This virtual machine server cluster has an automated failover which provides failure detection within seconds and recovery within approximately ten minutes, guaranteeing your documents will be sent and received safely.

“The virtual machine servers are the latest and greatest technology in the business. Moving from physical servers to virtual servers is like upgrading to a hybrid car, you can go much further using less energy. This upgrade dramatically improves IDX service for customers and reduces IDEA’s carbon footprint,” said Tom Guzik, director, IDW/IDX Solutions.

In addition to switching to virtual servers, IDEA also improved IDX storage and back-up capabilities. The virtual server cluster uses shared network storage in a storage area network (SAN) with unlimited back-up and continuous availability. Furthermore, the back-up tape to the SAN is now faster than ever with more capacity. You can expect the same reliable back-up processes including disaster recovery, hourly database transaction back-up and weekly offsite tape cycling process.

Bottom line – what does this mean for IDX customers? You can send and receive documents via IDX quicker with the elimination of bottlenecks and send/receive delays. You will also have greater back-up security with a guarantee that your data will never be lost. This will help speed up the sales process between trading partners in the supply chain so that you can improve your customer service.

Please contact Tom Guzik at (703) 562-4626 if you have any questions about the new upgrade.