July 6, 2010

IDEA Welcomes its 1,000th IRD CERICOMX Customer

IDEA made history again in June after welcoming its 1,000th IRD CERICOMX® customer. These companies use IDEA’s IRD CERICOMX® to register product data with the GS1 Registry® and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) via the 1SYNC Data Pool. IDEA also helps them to publish their product data to demand partners such as Lowe’s, Walmart, Supervalu and McLane so they can get their products sold through top retailer chains. IDEA monitors retailer mandates and responses to ensure all of our IRD CERICOMX® customers meet important deadlines without interruptions in their go-to-market strategy. This is all made possible with the IRD CERICOMX® user-friendly application and the help of IDEA’s customer support team.

Most recently, IDEA introduced a new service to give IRD CERICOMX® customers the option to outsource their data synchronization processes (read more about Data Management Services). We’ve also added an on-demand IRD CERICOMX® eLearning module to the IDEA Portal to walk users through the data synchronization process (read more about the module), and added educational sessions and training for GDSN-enabled trading partners to the 2010 Forum agenda. Sessions targeted to IRD CERICOMX® users:

Increasing ROI with Advances in Global Data Synchronization

Dan Wilkinson, 1SYNC; Peter Vient, OSRAM SYLVANIA

Get a comprehensive insight into the benefits of global data synchronization adoption and the related benefits of becoming GDSN-enabled with IDEA’s IRD CERICOMX® application. The session will begin with a current overview of GS1 US, the 1SYNC data pool and the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) including adoption rates, retailer activity, healthcare and foodservice updates. Then the focus will shift to lessons learned from GDSN-enabled companies who have successfully adopted global data synchronization and use IRD CERICOMX® to synchronize with demand partners like Lowe’s, Walmart and McLane. You’ll get tips on how to maximize the associated benefits of becoming GDSN-enabled including: cost savings, a more efficient supply chain and an overall increase in ROI.


Sarah Earleywine, John Etrie and Tony Gaffney, IDEA

This User Group was formed to cultivate relationships between IRD CERICOMX® users and provide a platform for users to share experiences and exchange ideas about synchronizing data in the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®). Attendees will experience hands-on training in the IRD CERICOMX® application as well as discuss challenges, solutions, tools and resources. The session will focus on how supply-side partners (e.g. manufacturers) can successfully register and publish items to demand partners (e.g. Lowe’s, Walmart) and use IRD CERICOMX® to reduce costs. All IRD CERICOMX® users and attendees interested in global data synchronization should attend.

Other related milestones:

  • November 2003: IDEA initiates Industry Retail Database (IRD) to meet retail chain and 1SYNC™ (Formerly UCCnet) requirements
  • February 2006: IDEA completes asset acquisition of Integrated Software Systems (ISS)
  • June 2010: IDEA welcomes its 1,000th IRD CERICOMX® customer

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