March 21, 2006

IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange Passes U.S. Government Evaluation

Rosslyn, VA – March 21, 2006 – IDEA, an industry owned eCommerce service provider, today announced that its Industry Data Exchange 2 (IIDX) is now a government approved Value-Added Network (VAN). The solution successfully passed the Electronic Commerce Interoperability Process (ECIP) evaluation program and tests administered by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

A list of authorized VANs connected to the DoD Electronic Commerce Infrastructure (ECI) can be found at Trading Partners can view this list to decide which VAN fits their business system best.

“This milestone spotlights the capability and reliability that IDEA already provides to its customers with IIDX. By meeting the tough government interoperability criteria we can extend the features and benefits of IIDX to future customers that require a government approved VAN to exchange business documents with the U.S government. We were very confident that IIDX would pass the evaluation and are extremely pleased with the result,” said Mike Rioux, President, IDEA.

The ECIP Evaluation for IDEA occurred during a 24-hour assessment period, which included security checks and post-evaluation activities that included data throughput and accountability of messages. IIDX was tested for problems that may occur with the EC Infrastructure (ECI).

The objective of the test was to ensure the network could handle the transactional volume, support FTP via a TCP/IP Internet connection, alert on any deviations from the Standards detected and ensure good connectivity between the IIDX and the EC Infrastructure (ECI).

IDEA successfully passed the following criteria:

  • FTP SUCCESSFUL LOGIN – A username, password, directory and directory path for the in and out bound traffic between the system and the IDEA was provided before the FTP transfers of data.
  • SECURITY CHECK – The ECI confirmed during connection to IDEA that safeguards are in place to prevent other ECI Providers from moving into their storage areas. Anonymous or guest logins are not allowed. Although the Global Exchange Bridge will accept them, anonymous logins are not allowed as part the of security protection for the ECI.
  • FTP COMMUNICATIONS – The IIDX successfully received 100% of the FTP exchanges with the ECI, without any user-observed FTP protocol errors.

About DISA

The Defense Information Systems Agency is a Department of Defense combat support agency. DISA provides real-time information technology (IT) and communications support to the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, the military Services, and the combatant commands. From its Arlington, Va., headquarters and through worldwide field activities, DISA offers IT solutions and enhanced capabilities that enable our customers to rapidly turn decisions into strategic, operational, and tactical actions.

About IDEA

IDEA is an eCommerce service provider jointly owned by NEMA and NAED. Developed to drive down supply chain costs, IDEA ( provides the Industry Data Warehouse (IIDW), a central repository of manufacturer product, pricing, and attributed data; the Industry Data Exchange (IIDX) is an Internet-based communications hub that enables business trading partners to exchange business documents using EDI, XML, flat file, or Web form transactions sets; the Industry Retail Database (IRD) a central repository of manufacturer retail product data to meet retail hardware powered by CERICOMX®, CPG and GS1 US requirements; IDEA eCredit (IeC), a hosted industry account receivables reporting database and the Data Audit and Certification (DAC) Program to verify manufacturer data meets specification criteria to ensure data synchronization between business partners.