January 16, 2008

IDEA’s President on 2008 and Beyond

IDEA’s new President, Robert E. (Bob) Gaylord has been busy meeting numerous industry leaders and influencers since he assumed his position on December 3, 2007. These meetings have influenced his primary objectives and action plan for 2008 to progress IDEA and the electrical channel to greater levels of success.


Fresh off of his first IDEA Board of Directors meeting, Gaylord has a clear vision of what the strengths of the company and the industry are. His main objective for 2008 and beyond is to make “100 percent of our customers 100 percent happy.”


Gaylord is eager to get involved with a team that cares so much about providing great services and are highly motivated to do so. “I am blessed with a passionate and talented staff. And as for our Board, it was so pleasant to see them set aside any differences to decide what’s best for the industry. Our owners play a very important role within our company as well. Their support is phenomenal,” said Gaylord.


And what is best for the industry?


“We need to perfect the way we build relationships between trading partners. The ways that IDEA can help with this are through the data governance programs we’ve established, getting back to basics, and focusing on the electrical channel,” said Gaylord.


Gaylord plans on making at least 25 on-site customer visits this year and has already met with key staff at Dakota Electric Supply and Border States Electric Supply. Much of 2008 will be focused on helping customers and getting to the crux of any problems they may have.


“Personally, I need to know what customers want and need. There is a widespread mindset out there when it comes to adopting eCommerce. I’d want to know why and what can we do to help with that,” said Gaylord. “We will continue to focus on data governance and improving the data quality that is transferred between partners.”


“Distributors haven’t reached the industry’s ultimate vision of receiving seamless data yet. We plan on working closely with the manufacturers to get this right for everyone. Adoption of standards would benefit a mass number of companies. If you don’t have standards, you don’t know if you have good data,” said Gaylord.

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