May 20, 2015

IDEA’s Recap of 2015 NEECOM Spring Conference

IDEA attended the 2015 New England Electronic Commerce (NEECOM) Spring Conference May 6-7th in Westborough, MA to interact with, and learn from, the members and mentors of the electronic data interchange (EDI) industry. The conference covered multiple topics, from how EDI is impacting the future of healthcare, to EDI supply chain relationships with Asian trading partners.

IDEA makes continuous efforts to keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in the EDI industry. Some key takeaways IDEA gained from this year’s NEECOM Spring Conference included the Internet of Things and best practices for international EDI vendor management.

Internet of Things:

The old Internet ran on large computers and was used readily by consumers and businesses. Those older habits and technology have evolved over the past decade, as seen through the increased use of mobile devices and wearable technology. But where will such technology be seen in the future? Everywhere! Smart homes, smart grids, and smart factories are a few examples of where this is all going. The Internet of Things is a reflection of just how connected we all will become. According to Business Insider estimates, 82 percent of companies will be connected to the Internet of Things by 2017, surpassing the PC, tablet and phone market.

If your company is concerned about how to handle the explosion of newly connected devices, IDEA’s IDX network can give you a competitive advantage by providing a fast, economical, and efficient means to handle all your new data needs. Whether you need hosted AS2/FTP connections, or help developing a suite of EDI transactions to feed or harvest the vast amounts of information needed to sustain the Internet of Things, IDEA can assist you now and into the future.

International EDI Vendor Management:

If your company has already developed a global presence into Asia or is just sticking its toes in the water, having a solid understanding of Asian business culture and practices is a must to be successful.

IDEA can help build B2B electronic connectivity in Asia via our unique, strategic partnership with IBM/Sterling, who is already firmly entrenched in the Asian market and has developed strong connections. Through this partnership, IDEA customers can be assured they’ll be able to trade electronically with Asian trading partners as their global presence grows.

Other interesting sessions included how to leverage EDI infrastructure for non-EDI critical business initiatives (e.g., application integration, big data, and business visibility), and strategies for building a successful eCommerce business.

“NEECOM, as an organization, is the ideal place for B2B professionals and the companies that provide products and services to network, learn about new innovations, and improve their IT management skills,” says NEECOM President, Ira Keltz. “Attendees get a glimpse into what the future will likely bring with new technologies, advances in the worldwide supply chain processes, web innovations, RFID and bar code automation, and the future of standards across industries,” Keltz continued.  

The organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the NEECOM Fall Conference on October 15 of this year. If you have any questions about NEECOM, you can email them at, or visit their website