January 7, 2016

IDEA’s Star Employees of 2015

IDEA recently recognized three employees with the fourth annual IDEA Star Employee Award. These employees were acknowledged by their peers for exceptionally outstanding performance and teamwork throughout the year. From a friendly voice on the other side of the phone to behind-the-scenes product development that keeps IDEA running smoothly so we can better serve you, chances are you’ve benefited from the work of our winners.

Please join us in congratulating the 2015 IDEA Star Employees: Bonnie Haina, Data Management Specialist; Brenda Maxwell, Standards Development Administrator; Sherri Thorne, Manager, Client Services

2015 IDEA Star Employees, from left to right: Bonnie Haina, Brenda Maxwell, and Sherri Thorne

This award recognizes individuals that have consistently advanced the goals and purposes of IDEA and the industry through excellent performance. These winners had the most nominations from their peers based on the following guidelines:

  • Performance throughout the year that has been clearly above what is considered routine or typical for that job category;
  • Actions/innovations that have led to significant cost savings and/or increased efficiencies in conducting IDEA business to include strategic plan initiatives;
  • Consistently exceeding demanding deadlines;
  • Development of new program(s) leading to additional new customers or new revenue;
  • Leading a successful team effort that accomplished an important IDEA objective;
  • A “team” attitude demonstrated by a consistent effort to reach out to help others;
  • Special recognition of staff by members for service to their industry(s);
  • Outstanding individual effort leading to the accomplishment of major IDEA goals.

Congratulations to the winners! Feel free to leave a comment below and add your own personal congratulations.

2014 IDEA Star Employees

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