March 19, 2015

IDW Compliance Module and Distributor Dashboard Update

New tools are now available in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) to facilitate communication and progress within IDEA’s Data Certification Program. These tools are part of IDEA’s continuous efforts to enhance the IDW.

  • For Manufacturers:
    The new IDW Compliance Module enables manufacturers to identify which of their items in the IDW are missing critical fields, pertaining to the Compliance metric of the Data Certification Program. From one central location, manufacturers can now drill down into each of their eligible items, gaining more detailed insight that will help prioritize their efforts in the move toward Certification.

    Current IDW Analytics subscribers can access the IDW Compliance Module: Log into the IDW > Advanced > Information > Data Certification. If you have any questions or would like to receive training for the IDW Compliance Module, please contact your Data Management Specialist.

  • For Distributors
    The IDW Distributor Dashboard, the new landing page available to distributors immediately upon logging in to the IDW, provides distributors with increased visibility into their authorized manufacturers’ product lines. With the Dashboard, distributors can see their manufacturers’ progress with regards to the Compliance portion of the Data Certification Program. The Dashboard also provides distributors with an overview of their own basic IDW account information.

    If you have any questions or would like to receive training for the IDW Distributor Dashboard, please contact your IDW Distributor Specialist at

The availability of these new resources is just the beginning of a new IDW data management opportunity for both manufacturers and distributors. Additional IDW enhancements are planned, and IDEA welcomes feedback to help us improve these tools for IDW users.