March 31, 2010

IDW Enhancements Increase Flexibility and Help Distributors Plan Ahead

IDW enhancements were completed in March to add flexibility options for manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers now have the ability to communicate future price group codes, seller class codes, and their effective date. Other enhancements include the ability for distributors to extract product data by price sheet and the option for manufacturers to hide expired price sheets. Get the details on the latest customer-inspired enhancements and find out how they could affect your business.

Enhancement: Manufacturers can now communicate future price codes, seller class codes and their effective date using IDW (see screen shot below). Providing these future codes will give distributors time to make appropriate updates to their business systems and will prevent process disruptions.

Background: Price Codes are typically used by manufacturers to communicate discounts to distributors (e.g. all products with code #123 are sold at a 10% discount). Seller Class Codes are manufacturer-specific product categorization codes used for a multitude of processes within the manufacturer and distributor business system. (Read more about Seller Class Codes)

Considerations for Manufacturers:

  • These future codes should be populated before you make changes to the current codes
  • The future codes will automatically be populated as current codes on the effective date provided

Considerations for Distributors:

  • You must request to receive these new future codes in your data extraction report
  • You can extract descriptions of the future codes using the Seller Class/Sub-Class Usage report on IDW
  • The future codes are included in the latest version of the EZ View Pipe v.2.4.3 on the IDEA Portal, but you must add the fields if you use a custom outbound map

Enhancement: Distributors now have the ability to extract product data by price sheet. This can be completed through the IDW search feature (see screen shots below).


Background: Some manufacturers publish multiple price sheets for distributors based on specific criteria (e.g. geographic region and/or sales volume). If multiple price sheets are available, distributors typically know which ones are applicable to them. This new search feature allows distributors to select the applicable price sheet from their manufacturer(s), reducing clutter from their data downloads.

Enhancement: Manufacturers now have the option to turn off their expired price sheets (see screen shot below). This will prevent distributors from accessing outdated pricing.

Background: Distributors may need to refer to expired price sheets for multiple reasons (e.g. billing for a job that began when an older price sheet was active), but some manufacturers prefer to keep all outdated pricing information hidden.

Got ideas for future enhancements? We continually strive to make our solutions more user-friendly and valuable to customers. Please send your ideas for future IDW enhancements to Josh Given, Manager, Data Synchronization Platform.