September 12, 2013

IDW for Distributors

“You don’t want your people to get to the job site and then find out that you didn’t buy the right thing. Then you have to take it back, get credit for it, and order something else. So accurate information is important. My plate is full, and I need to find all the content I can to make my job more efficient.” — Dan Poss, Frisbee’s Inc. 

“We now utilize IDW data for price updates because of the accuracy and timeliness of IDW data compared to our previous provider. This change has allowed us to improve our own internal service levels. IDEA has helped us improve many of our vendor partnerships by providing a data bridge and we feel very strongly that our IDEA investment is providing a payback.” — Rich Passmore, Viking Electric Supply 

“I believe IDEA is the only way that we can be truly successful in taking the inefficiencies out of our organizations as it relates to product data and communication standards. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to develop and administer their data, and the IDW gives them the opportunity to do that. Any third party that gets in there and messes with that data adds inefficiencies to the business relationships.” — David Crum, Crum Electric Supply 

“IDEA has provided a very efficient model for us to capture each of our manufacturer’s data in one place right at our desktop. They have helped us build relationships with our suppliers so that we can get the data we need to keep our customers happy.” — Joe Wallace, Van Meter Industrial 

“IDEA’s IDW is the fastest and most cost effective way to deliver the specific product and pricing information distributors need to sell more of our manufacturers’ products.” — Robert A. Reynolds Jr., Graybar Electric

“Our data sophistication must increase as the next generation who grew up with information at their fingertips enters the workforce. Our ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience and match the right product to the right customer needs at the counter and on the web. Distributors need more than basic transactional data to keep our competitive edge in this new generation.” — Ron Schlader, Crescent Electric Supply Co.

“IDW enables on-line catalog ordering systems, more customer self-service and faster access to information – while reducing our cost of sales and improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity for all of us. The manufacturer certainly benefits from adoption of IDW through increased marketing support from distributors that proactively market products with tools such as on-line catalogs, printed catalogs, niche market product information brochures, etc.” — Barry Nelson, Border States

IDW Master Data Tool

“So often we would get requests from our customers or our branches to have certain products in our web storefronts or certain products in a custom printed catalog and we would often times make requests to manufacturers but we were unsure who to contact. I believe the DMP will help create awareness for that by letting them know what we’re working on, who we’re working with or what products we’re going to be using.” — Jason Archbold, Border States Electric

IDW Web Storefront Tool

“I knew we needed to enhance our eCommerce capabilities quickly, and when I found out that IDEA and Unilog were teaming up to provide a web storefront solution pre-populated with IDW data, it was a slam dunk! I’ve been impressed with the quick turnarounds and responsiveness of the implementation team, and would definitely recommend this solution to other electrical distributors” — Barry Carden, Mayer Electric Supply