April 29, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: Data Source Identifier Codes Added

As part of IDEA’s data sourcing efforts, the IDW team is working with a third-party vendor to source more data attributes for existing and new IDW manufacturers. Data source identifier codes are now available in IDW to denote whether data was provided direct from the manufacturer or via a third-party. The codes used to identify the data source are shown on the IDW profile screens under the new Data Source field. The codes include:

  • MfrDir – Manufacturer Direct Data
  • 3rdPS – Third-Party Sourced Data
  • Mfr3PS – Manufacturer Direct Data with Third-party Sourced Marketing Content (a hybrid of the two)

Data provided by a third-party is further identified in the seller class code field based on the status of manufacturer approval. The seller class codes for third-party provided data include:

  • 3PSMA – Manufacturer Approved
  • 3PSMP – Manufacturer Approval Pending
  • 3PSNA – Not Manufacturer Approved

IDEA will maintain these codes during all data sourcing efforts to help manufacturers identify data they need to provide/approve and to communicate data origination to distributors.

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