August 19, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: Get Help Spending Recovery Dollars using IDW

IDEA created a new flag in IDW for manufacturers to denote a product is eligible for the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding. We also added the “Country of Origin” field to the latest EZ View Pipe version 2.4.2 which is now available for download on the IDEA Portal. It is essential that manufacturers communicate product data related to the ARRA to maximize these funding opportunities.

The ARRA, commonly referred to as the Economic Stimulus Package, provides funding for certain public buildings or public works construction projects. As stipulated in the bill, one major requirement affecting our industry is that the construction materials used for these projects be produced in the United States (The ARRA of 2009, Public Law 111-5, Title XVI Sec. 1605 can be found at on page 189).

All manufacturers should check the “Country of Origin” field in IDW for accuracy because over 95% of manufacturers in IDW have this field defaulted to USA per the settings in their IDW administration web page. Manufacturers can update this field for all products via EDI or by using the EZ View Pipe version 2.4.2. This file is located on the IDEA Portal under Training>Standards>Standards Type: Data Content.

It is important for distributors not to assume the information in the “Country of Origin” field is being populated by the manufacturer to identify ARRA compliancy. This should be confirmed directly between trading partners.

Another new way to communicate the products eligible for the ARRA funding is to flag the products as such using the new “ARRA Eligible” flag in IDW. Manufacturers can set the ARRA eligible flag for their products by sending a list of the UPCs that should be flagged to Josh Given. IDEA will perform a complimentary mass update service for IDEA customers to ensure all ARRA eligible UPCs are flagged appropriately.

Distributors can get the “ARRA Eligible” indicator flag and/or the “Country of Origin” field added to their outbound data map by requesting it through their account manager. IDEA recommends that distributors contact their suppliers directly if there is a concern about the accuracy of this important information in IDW.

As always, IDEA support staff is available to train manufacturers on how to populate these fields. If you have any questions or concerns about this information, please contact Josh Given at 703-562-4665.

You can find out more about how the ARRA affects our industry in the “Finding Funding for Green Projects” article in the August issue of TED Magazine on page 71 or visit

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