August 5, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: How Distributors Store Your Marketing Data

Distributors present marketing content to their customers either by linking to your website or by storing your marketing content on their own web server.

Linking to your website (most popular and preferred method) – Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) will accept marketing data in the form of URLs that link directly to your website. The distributor presents this content to their customers or inside sales reps through their e-storefront systems, which link to your website behind the scenes.

Storing content on their web server – If you directly provide your trading partners Catalog data files for storage on their servers, IDW will accept a file name for that direct content to help the distributor correlate it to a specific SKU.

Note: IDW will not directly load Catalog files onto its servers, except for images as explained in a previous hot fact. “Catalog Description” is the only direct field IDW accepts.