September 30, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: New Streamlined Authorization Process

IDEA unveiled a new authorization process for manufacturers and distributors at the IDEA E-Biz Forum in Tucson, AZ last week. The new process will save users lots of time and effort. If you haven’t seen it yet, you don’t want to miss this “before and after” hot fact.

Before: Unnecessary extra steps made authorizations in IDW a tedious process for some

  • Distributor had to drill down into the profile screen to request an authorization from each manufacturer – long process when multiple authorizations were needed
  • Manufacturer received an authorization email and had to login to approve or deny authorizations on separate pages for each authorization level

After: A simplified authorization process improves ease of use and helps trading partners jump start new eCommerce relationships

  • Distributor can request authorizations from all manufacturers on one page with just a few clicks (see screen shot below)
  • Manufacturer receives an authorization email that takes them directly to one page to approve or deny authorization requests at all authorization levels (see screen shot below)

Please contact Josh Given at (703) 562-4665 if you have any questions about the new authorization process (see training details below).