July 12, 2012

IDW Hot Fact: Tracking Activity from the Distributor Dashboard

By Tina Rostand, Data Quality Analyst

When a distributor first logs into the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) for the day, they are taken to the distributor dashboard homepage (see below). They can quickly scan this page to find out which of their manufacturers have recently loaded or changed pro­duct data.


This dashboard provides information on which manufacturers have loaded data in areas such as Test or Production environment, Item (B1 view), MSDS (B2 view), Text (B3 view), Packaging (B4 view), Current Pricing (B5 view), Future Pricing (B5 view), File/URL (B7 view), Attributes (B8 view), Current Net Pricing, and Future Net Pricing. The dashboard also presents the specific job number, the Manufacturer, what Format was used, by Type, Prices, Item Count, test or production database, and any EDI Views. This is just one way distributors can make decisions as to whether to retrieve or extract the latest updates from the IDW.

If you would like to learn more about the distributor dashboard homepage in the IDW, please contact your assigned Data Quality Analyst directly or call Tina Rostand, Data Quality Analyst, at 703-562-4602.

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