October 28, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: Utilities Workstation Now Available

IDEA added a new feature in IDW that will serve as a huge time saver for manufacturers. The new Utilities Workstation is a tool that manufacturers can use to make quick edits to product data directly in IDW and rapidly respond to the needs of their distributor trading partners.

The Utilities Workstation was influenced by feedback from IDW manufacturer customers. Time is money, and not being able to edit items in one location slows down the sales process. The workstation eliminates the need for manufacturers to submit a Flat File or EDI load to IDW in order to make quick edits to existing data. Edits can now be completed and saved in IDW on the spot. The workstation is currently available as a menu item on the IDW Web application. Manufacturers can open the workstation and start making edits to data today (see screenshot below for an example of how to edit data using the workstation).

The production release of the workstation is scheduled for November 30, 2009. Your feedback is welcome during the 30 day beta release and will contribute to the final product.

Please direct comments and recommendations to Josh Given. A full training schedule will be announced prior to the production release.