July 8, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: Ways to Send Marketing Data

There are three ways to provide marketing data (e.g. images, brochures, spec sheets, etc.) to Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) – EZ View Pipe, Simple Catalog Flat File, and EDI B3 or B7 views. Your method for delivering catalog content will depend on what format your database can output, as well as the catalog data fields you want to provide. For example, you might not be able to output in an EDI format, so you would need to choose between EZ View Pipe and Simple Catalog Flat File. EZ View Pipe is an ideal method for companies already using it for transactional loads, but the Simple Catalog Flat File allows you to populate a wider selection of catalog data fields.

We offer flexible solutions to help manufacturers market their products to distributors and consumers with as much information as possible. Contact your account manager to select the option that works best for your company.