May 13, 2009

IDW Hot Fact: Ways to Share Product Images

Manufacturers can provide product images to distributors in IDW one of three ways: load a URL to the manufacturer website, email the image to IDEA for load onto our servers or send the image to IDEA via FTP. The recommended way is to load a URL to the manufacturer website.

Guidelines for adding the manufacturer website URL to IDW:

  • URL should point directly to an image without requiring further navigation on the part of the user
  • URL should point to just an image, and not an image within a spec sheet or brochure
  • IDW stores only one image per SKU, so the higher the resolution, the better (distributors can downsize them to create thumbnails and web images)
  • URL should not be behind a secured site

Some manufacturers don’t have readily accessible images. In this case, you can email images to load onto IDEA’s servers.

Guidelines for emailing images to load onto IDEA’s servers:

  • Your image should be in .jpg format
  • Resolution should be between 72 and 300 dpi
  • Size should be between 300×300 and 1000×1000

If you have many images that will exceed email attachment limits, you can send them using your own or IDW’s FTP site.

Contact your account manager to share product images with your valued trading partners today.