August 4, 2014

IDW Moves to Support-Based Offering to Drive Data Quality & Help Maximize IDW Experience

The Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) now provides state-of-the-art tools that make it easier and more efficient for manufacturers to work with their distributor trading partners and reach the end user market. IDEA has launched a new support-based services bundle for all IDW manufacturers to accommodate these enhancements and make them accessible to our customers. The IDW for Manufacturers annual support contract will become a requirement for all manufacturer IDW customers. Beginning October 1, 2014, all manufacturers without an IDW support agreement will be billed at an hourly rate of $190 for related services and support time.

Each manufacturer with an IDW for Manufacturers annual support contract will receive an increase in both service and value as a result of this program, in areas such as: 

  • IDW Application Access: IDEA will host, secure, maintain and distribute product data based on each manufacturer’s unique requirements. These core services are enhanced with IDEA-provided data governance, and access to industry-approved eBusiness standards, events and resources.
  • IDW Analytics Tool: This on-demand assessment tool empowers manufacturers to evaluate the quality of their product data in the IDW through the eyes of distributors. Using the tool, manufacturers are able to fix data quality issues at the source in their business system to ensure accuracy in all future updates. In fact, progressive manufacturers have already seen increased efficiency and productivity improvements, and have used this tool to improve their data quality by up to 400%.
  • IDW Data Management Services: This personalized and tailored service provides dedicated monthly support time from IDEA’s data management specialists, who can help manufacturers quickly fix any product data errors they uncover, guaranteeing that their data in the IDW is error-free. Manufacturers will also receive custom monthly reports to help prioritize data quality improvements.

This improved, support-based IDW will drive data quality, integrity, timeliness, and brand control, increasing manufacturers’ return on investment. IDEA is excited to work with our manufacturers as we move forward.

If you have questions about the IDW for Manufacturers annual support contract, please contact Amy Brennan at, or at (703) 562-4648.