April 13, 2011

IDW Utilities Workstation 2.0 Now Available

The Utilities Workstation v2.0, a product data management application of the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), provides several new features and enhancements that users have requested:

  • Attribute Enhancement Tool – Easily add attributed product data to your IDEA product catalog, in compliance with the UNSPSC-based Electrical Attribute Schema v2.0
  • Export Lists to Excel – Export attributed data lists from the Utilities Workstation to Excel for external editing or analysis
  • Item lists in the search function – Search for a list of UPCs, catalog numbers, class codes, UNSPSC codes, or other criteria using the search box to immediately isolate specific items for editing
  • Blank field search capability – Search for items based on blank or non-blank field status
  • Task Naming – Track your Workstation tasks with unique names and easily identify the work focus of a task
  • Task List Refresh – Easily refresh the task list after submitting or to check the status of a task

These new features will be detailed in the last section of the Utilities Workstation User Guide v2.0 – IDW manufacturer users will be notified once the updates are added to the IDEA Portal. Please contact your account manager or email am@idea-esolutions.com if you have any questions.

The Utilities Workstation provides a product data manager with online access to their product data in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) on a searchable, item-level basis. This allows for corrections and changes to IDW product data while bypassing the need to invoke an EDI or EZViewPipe data upload process. Find out more>