August 29, 2007

IDW2 Extraction Summary Count Feature Improved

The IDW2 team recently made enhancements to both the Extraction Summary screen and the Extraction Summary Report. These improvements will provide more useful and easier-to-understand information to our subscribers.

Prior to this development, extraction summaries would display the counts of the data that had changed between the manufacturer data uploads, instead of between end user (distributor) data requests. The old feature meant that even though no data had actually changed between the user extractions, the extraction summary would indicate that it had. Now, the counts will only indicate changes to manufacturer data that have occurred since the end user’s last request. Distributors receive personalized counts for changes in price, product category codes, descriptions and item status.

This enhancement will enable end users to anticipate product changes and to validate the extracted data before updating their business systems. IDW2 customers may direct questions about the Extraction Summary Count feature to Robert Hollands, IDW2 Tech and Training representative at 703-562-4616.


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