August 29, 2007

IDW2 Facts and Figures

DAC – The Data Audit and Certification (DAC) program is an annual fee-based service that originated in 2003. The DAC program consists of several components:

• Staff previewing manufacturer’s data for completeness
• Processing the manufacturer’s data via the IDW2 data validation function
• Managing and educating suppliers about the DAC rules and requirements
• Ensuring requirements for data loaded prior to IDW2 implementation (2005) or customer requested requirements are met.
• Training and Support

The goal is to have 100% of the manufacturer-direct sourced data in the IDW2 certified for end users. DAC customers get hands-on support and training from IDEA as part of the fee.

While the IDW2 data validation is automated and the data is checked each time the data is loaded – only DAC participants get the hands on support to assist them with addressing load summary error reports. Load Summary reports are sent to manufacturers as well as their authorized distributors with status of the data.

Enriched/Catalog Data – the IDW2 has the capability to accept manufacturer enriched data and product images either as stored data or via a URL link.

Net Price/Cost into Stock – The IDW2 can deliver Net Price/Cost into Stock data to a specific distributor location. Several manufacturers are using that function today.

Security – Two security audits were completed on the IDW2 by Digital Defense, Inc. The first included both an External-Penetrations test as well as a Social Engineering test. The second audit assessed the ability for an authorized user to access unauthorized data within the system. The IDW2 passed both audits with Excellent ratings – the highest rating possible by Digital Defense, leaving no doubt that the IDW2 is the most secure way to deliver private pricing data.

Delivery Format – IDW2 data can be delivered in three formats – EDI 832, Flat File EZ View Pipe or Custom, which is a mapped format to the distributor’s specific needs, be it their software ERP program or a format of their choice. The IDW2 scheduler enables the end user to set up an automatic delivery schedule based on day and time. Users can download immediately, one time or on a recurring basis. They can have the data pushed to them or they can pull the data on their own schedule.

Reliability – Since IDW2 became operational, other then scheduled maintenance time, it has had no outages or down time. The IDW2 machine has tremendous operational capability, capacity and reliability.

Key to Success – The key to a successful IDW2 is the manufacturer community participation through the delivery of complete and timely product and price files, enriched data and product images as well as the delivery of net prices into stock either through the IDW2 or via an EDI 845.