September 13, 2013

IDX for Distributors

“I have been with Van Meter for 25 years and have held positions in purchasing, pricing, IT and now eCommerce. We have been an IDX customer for many years, because it is a cost-effective solution. IDEA’s IDX makes perfect sense for our business needs with its package solutions and managed services. Plus, the IDX service is proactive, and we are notified about issues before they arise and become more problematic. For instance, we had rescheduled some EDI files for transmission but did not realize that we had done it wrong, causing the files to be much larger than they should have been. The IDX team noticed this discrepancy in normal activity and quickly brought it to our attention. Thanks to the IDX team, we were able to correct the mistake before incurring some large kilo-character charges, which was very much appreciated! IDEA is more than a service a provider; they are a partner that supports Van Meter’s success.” – Joe Wallace, Van Meter Inc.

“The significant reduction in cost without major additional costs to convert made it an easy choice to switch to IDX from our previous VAN provider. The service IDX provides is stable—we haven’t experienced an issue since our conversion. The conversion to IDX was very transparent; we encountered no issues and experienced no business disruption. The process was very easy and only took a day or two to get things going.” — Sean McKee, Fromm Electric Supply

“By using IDX, we can streamline processes, including ordering, invoicing and billing. As margins continue to shrink in our industry, we have to find ways to become more productive and remove some of these back-office expenses. Our transition took less than a week, which is pretty cool. In today’s technology world, nothing takes less than a week.” — John Hanna, Fromm Electric Supply

“Our EDI transmission has worked so smoothly after each vendor is tested that we really haven’t had any issues related to transmission in a very long time. In general, the use of EDI for vendor orders, acknowledgments, ship notices and invoices has reduced errors and AP processing time a significant amount.” — Bruce Cudmore, Carr Sales Co.

“No other VAN provider can compare to IDEA. The cost savings and service offering IDEA provides the electrical industry is untouchable.” — David Woolley, L.A. Woolley

“The more we can do amongst ourselves to benefit the industry is a benefit to all of us. I’m not sure how many other distributors are aware of the savings they could get by switching to IDX. Once we made the move to IDX, it was one of those things we said to ourselves, ‘Why didn’t we do that earlier?’ Because it was easy, the transition was smooth, we had no downtime and the savings are exactly what IDEA told me it would be.” — Tom Snyder, Becker Electric Supply

“None of us really believed that EDI could financially benefit our company outside the IMARK incentive program due to our company size but the benefits of eCommerce are undeniable. We are already noticing quicker order fulfillment and we are now positioned to receive electronic price updates. Why would we stop now? EDI is just the beginning, we want to take advantage of everything eCommerce can offer.” — Roger Cleary, Davis Electrical Supply

“We use the EDI 845 for both into-stock and ship & debit SPA agreements for over 120 locations. This method syncs our into-stock pricing with our vendors ensuring more accurate purchase orders. This then drives efficiency in the processing of EDI invoices. Receiving our SPAs via the EDI 845 ensures precision in items picked up by our SPA system and in our dollars claimed. The EDI 845 has a multitude of benefits for both us and our vendors.” — David Keck, Crescent Electric Supply Co.

“We now essentially process 80% of our invoices electronically and with the need for technology in order to improve that process in order to be 100%, that is part of what IDEA is trying to drive in the industry, getting suppliers to get good attributed data, pricing data in the system, being able to match up invoices to POs, reduces costs a big area in accounting for us.” — Del Nickel, Pentair Technical Products

“We’ve had 100% uptime on IDX. The level of service has been very good, including technical services. We’ve found that they are quick to respond with any changes to mappings. Overall, IDX offers high support levels at a competitive price point.” — Timi Pieretti, Affiliated Distributors 

“The EDI processes we’ve established with our partners have definitely saved us time and money over the years. And using a solid solution such as IDX definitely helps. Even better, we’ve had very few issues and rarely need to call for support. The products we use just work.” — Robert Herring, Womack Electric & Supply Co.

IDX Conversion Tool 

“The IDX Conversion Tool enables us to convert high volume non-EDI customers to an EDI process with no capital investment, no internal resources and no data errors. The process helps our customer service reps to increase productivity by reducing the time spent on data entry. We truly believe in the IDX Conversion Tool and think this is a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve customer service” — James Wilkinson, McNaughton-McKay