September 13, 2013

IDX for Manufacturers

“IDEA’s services have given Siemens Energy & Automation the flexibility to adapt to unique customer requirements as well as the opportunity to delay EDI development without missing a beat as far as our customers are concerned.” — Liz Murrans, Siemens Energy & Automation

“eCommerce increases productivity, reduces the overall cost of sales by automating order services, and delivers accurate and real-time information to enable faster decision-making. IDEA’s IDX has provided Eaton with the visibility and reliability necessary to improve customer service. Plus, the savings delivered by IDX versus our previous VAN provider enables EDI to remain a beneficial component of our eCommerce t¬ool set.” — Jennifer Winkelvoss, Eaton

IDX Conversion Tool 

“Both our business units and our customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the solution, which has given us the confidence to engage in the roll out of the IDX Conversion Tool to thousands of our customers worldwide.” — Ian MacTavish, 3M