November 11, 2009

IDX Hot Fact: A New Way to Search for B2B Documents

As an advanced search feature on the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) Tracker, the new ‘Transport’ option field allows users to define search criteria based upon transport type through IDX. The function is most useful to customers who maintain multiple communication pipelines (protocols) to IDX.

The entire range of valid in/out transport values available are: CYCLONE (AS1 & AS2), Cleo, FTP, VALICERT (Secure Transport), VAN, WEBFORMS and EDIINT3 (see screen shot below for the location of the new search field).

Here are a few scenerios on how this new search option can be used to meet your business objectives:

  • If your company receives data through both AS2 and FTP, you can input an ‘In Transport’ value of “FTP”, and only view data routing through your FTP connection as opposed to AS2. This helps make it easy to filter a search based upon the communication protocol, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • If your company periodically performs failover/recovery testing and has IDX move your EDI ID’s from AS2 (CYCLONE) to Secure Transport (VALICERT). The ‘Transport’ option gives you the ability to search for traffic based on the method  used to route documents through the network.
  • If your company maintains ‘mailboxes’ (connections to IDX) on two different IDX servers using unique transport names, you can combine the ID’s to appear under a singular document tracker login then sub-sort data going to one IDX server vs the other using the In/Out Transport search to facilitate the request.

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