June 10, 2009

IDX Hot Fact: What They Charge, We Don’t

Once you become an IDX customer, you have access to several value-added services at no additional cost. Taking advantage of these tools and resources is a smart way for you to increase your sales opportunities and cut costs without incurring additional up-front expenses in this down economy. Many other VAN providers charge additional fees for the services below. IDX customers get these extra perks for free:

  • Trading partner set-up – increase the number of trading partners in which you do business electronically without the extra hassle and expense.
  • Send and receive data to and from Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) – sell more products by providing or using transactional and marketing product data in IDW without paying kilocharacter charges.
  • Interconnections to all public and most private VANs – exchange documents with all of your trading partners regardless of which VAN they use without paying additional connection fees.
  • FTP, S/FTP and AS2 connections – there is no additional charge for using one connection type over the other. You only pay additional for dedicated direct connects.
  • Any to any file translation – send documents in one format and enable receipt in another (format examples: Flat File, EDI, Fax, XML) without paying extra or investing in expensive software.
  • IDX Tracker – track the real-time flow of your business documents with our free online application.

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