December 22, 2016

IDX Platform Technology Upgrade: Life After Migration

A platform migration may be necessary to stay at the cutting edge of technology, but IDEA understands that the thought of such a migration can be intimidating, especially if you do not fully understand the process. To help answer your questions about IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX) migration, we’re bringing IDEA’s B2B EDI Solutions Manager, Tom Guzik, into our IDX Migration Series to guide IDX customers through what to expect.

In the first article – The Migration – we discussed why IDEA decided to upgrade the IDX platform, the benefits of the new platform, and the changes users can expect. In the second article – Preparing for Success – we discussed what is involved in a successful migration, the replacement for the IDX Tracker tool, how long the migration process will take, and individual roles and responsibilities. In this third and final article, we will discuss IDX support available for customers after the migration and managed services that are offered on the new platform. 


Who should I contact for support inquiries once migration is finished?

Hyper care – the phase after migration during which the solution is live and in production, and the IDX team is closely monitoring all data and transactions – is activated for seven days. Once hyper care support ends, and the solution is stable, the migration project team can disband. From there, IDEA’s Managed Services and Support teams will take primary responsibility for all future enhancements and support requests. The IDX support team is available 8AM – 8PM EST, Monday – Friday. Outside of these time frames, support is available via Liaison Technologies’ support desk. Please reference this document for ongoing global support offered. 

Note: If remapping and/or carbon copying assistance is required, IDX users should reach out to Liaison’s ALLOY support option for after-hours support needs. Liaison support is available 24/7.


How can the upgraded IDX platform help address my growing business needs?

The upgraded IDX platform offers users a wide range of services and features to enhance business operations, including:

  • EDI Managed Services: If a trading partner requires additional transaction documents that an IDX user is not capable of fulfilling, IDEA’s IDX can map and host through our Managed Services option.
  • Hosted Connections: Looking to do business with Amazon or Walmart, who require hosted connections? IDX can help figure out requirements and host that connection. Our experts can help users get over the hurdles of setting up a hosted connection with trading partners.
  • EDI Software: IDEA can assist in acquiring, setting up, and rolling out EDI software (enterprise translation software or standard EDI mapping translation software).


The IDX team is here to help IDX users grow their business, mitigate any challenges, and get the full ROI on their EDI investments!

For further inquiries about the migration process and specifics of the new platform, please contact IDEA’s B2B EDI Solutions Manager, Tom Guzik at