March 7, 2017

IDEA Exchange Platform Technology Upgrade: The Migration

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A platform migration may be necessary to stay at the cutting edge of technology, but IDEA understands that the thought of such a migration can be intimidating, especially if you do not fully understand the process. To help answer your questions about IDEA’s Industry Data Exchange (IDX) migration, we’re bringing IDEA’s B2B EDI Solutions Manager, Tom Guzik, into our IDX Migration Series as he guides IDX customers through what to expect.

In November of 2016, IDEA announced that we had selected Liaison Technologies’ Exchange Network platform to power the next-generation Industry Data Exchange (IDX). In this article, we will discuss why IDEA decided to upgrade the IDX platform, the benefits of the new platform, and the changes users can expect.

Why is IDEA upgrading the IDX?

IDEA chose to move the IDX to a Tier 1-level Value-Added Network to offer an enhanced platform and provide our customers with a competitive edge utilizing the latest EDI technology. Liaison’s ALLOY™ Platform features any-to-any translation, world-class mapping software, and the ability to handle disparate data sources and formats.

What benefits will users receive from the upgrade?

Users will gain access to Liaison Exchange Network (LENS) Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool, which will be incorporated into IDEA’s B2B service offerings. This will allow IDEA to provide a configurable interface that permits users to set filters, create graphic dashboards, and attain metrics customized to their own preferences.

What will change, and what will stay the same

This upgrade brings with it two main changes to the IDX platform:

  1. The LENS tool configurable interface will be available to users.
  2. The platform will be on a Tier 1-level VAN, which is a highly reliable network that reduces data hops. This means users’ data must travel through fewer VANs, consequently reducing potential support issues.

IDX subscribers will continue to work with the same IDEA IDX support team as they had previously, with the addition of in-house Tier 1 support personnel. Our team worked with IDX subscribers before the migration, and we will continue to work with you through the migration and into the future.

Haven’t migrated yet? Check out the Migration Toolkit Checklist to get a head start.

Gather the information below to provide to your IDX migration specialist.

Migration Toolkit Checklist:

  • Your company’s ID
  • A list of all your trading partners’ IDs
  • VANs that your partners use (if you do not have this information, the IDX support team can look it up)
  • Know how you are connecting to the IDX (secure FTP or AS2?)
  • Be aware of any additional hosted connections that need to be migrated
  • Be aware of any schedule constraints (e.g., high volume months that should be avoided)


For further inquiries about the migration process and specifics of the new platform, please contact IDEA’s B2B EDI Solutions Manager, Tom Guzik at