August 27, 2007

IDX: The Best Value in eCommerce

What is IDX?

Industry Data Exchange (IDX) is a business communication service that enables trading partners to exchange documents such as purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices securely and cost effectively via the Internet. IDX also enables delivery and access to IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). In fact, sending IDW transactions via IDX is free!

IDX not only provides all of the traditional Electronic Data Interchange Value Added Network (EDI VAN) services you’d expect, but it also delivers additional features and services—all at rates that are 30%-40%, and as much as 90% lower than other service providers. Better yet, IDX connects to traditional VANs so you can continue to trade with your partners, including those who use non-traditional exchanges.

Do I need to be EDI enabled to use IDX?

No. If a company is not EDI capable, XML and Flat File formats may be used. In addition, we provide web form templates based on the commonly used ANSI X12 transaction sets. Just enter your information and we’ll map it into EDI and process it.

How do I get connected to IDX?

To use IDX, you need an Internet connection (a direct connection or one provided by an Internet Service Provider) and software that meets AS-1, AS-2 or AS-3 qualifications and is compatible with your backend system, if necessary. Or, if you choose to use our web forms, you just need Internet access and a web browser.

Does IDEA provide client software?

No. To ensure maximum choice and flexibility, you can select AS-1, AS-2, AS-3 or FTP software to connect to IDX. The criterion for IDX is that the software you choose must meet the established requirements and must be configured to communicate with the network. IDEA can suggest software vendors with whom we have special arrangements, but purchasing and licensing those solutions is up to you.

How much will it cost me to use IDX?

IDEA charges a one-time fee to subscribe to our service, and then your cost is based on your monthly traffic volume, ranging from $.03 to $.07 per kilo character. That rate covers both on- and off-network transactions, as well as all other services and capabilities you may use with IDX. There are no hidden charges.

How do I monitor my transactions and traffic?

An IDX Document Tracker is available online. This site allows customers to track documents from end-to-end, on-net or off-net. Once you are configured to communicate on IDX, you will receive a user identification and password to access this secure site.

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