October 17, 2007

IDX Tracker 2.5 Successfully Completes Beta Testing

IDEA is proud to announce the IDX Tracker 2.5 recently completed beta testing and the appropriate updates have been made based on feedback from the companies involved. These companies were impressed with the enhancements and excited to experience the additional benefits the new features will provide the supply network.

“The new IDX document number search and tracking feature will save my staff countless hours searching for specific EDI documents. It will also give us the ability to provide better tracking of the invoices sent to our customers. Instead of building this functionality ourselves, we will be able to focus resources on enabling new customers. You have saved us time and money so we are happy customers,” said Brenda Maxwell, EDI Manager, Acuity Brands Lighting.

Some of the notable Tracker 2.5 enhancements include:

  • More translation and routing options
    • HTML
    • XML
  • Additional search options
    • Search by PO, Invoice, etc.
    • Search by Branch, Ack (Y/N), etc.
  • Improved audit trails and problem resolution
    • 997 Reconciliation
    • Multiple contacts including primary, off-hours, etc.
  • Faster Interconnections
    • Direct, high speed interconnections

Plans for launching the Tracker 2.5 for full production access are currently in process. Please contact IDX Program Director, Tom Guzik, at (703) 562-4626 for more information.

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