August 29, 2007

IDX2 Traffic Record Broken Through EDI Success

According to IDX2 statistics, IDEA’s IDX2 traffic surpassed 5.5 million kilocharacters in March, setting a new record and demonstrating the value of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the electrical industry and other vertical channels. This record exceeded the previous milestone set in August 2006 of 5 million kilocharacters. Tom Guzik, the IDX2 Product Manager, believes the steady growth of IDX2 traffic is due to the success of the initiative to increase the use of Special Price Authorization (SPA) documents to automate the exchange of business data. “Many companies are recognizing the advantages of conducting business transactions electronically, and are increasing these transactions to improve speed and accuracy,” said Guzik.

IDEA is excited to announce this success and looks forward to continue helping trading partners increase productivity through EDI transactions.

Please contact Tom Guzik at (703)562- 4626 or visit the IDX2 Page for more information.

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