August 29, 2007

IDX2 Web Forms: Utilize Their Full Potential

For many IDX2 users, the Web Form serves one purpose: as an augmentation to the electronic data interchange (EDI) process, but its potential is much more extensive.

IDEA’s Web Forms allow virtually any IDEA customer to send and receive purchase orders, purchase order changes and invoices electronically via the Internet with minimal investment. Web forms can also help companies avoid potential fees from trading partners regarding non-compliance fees.

“The purchase order web form function specifically has allowed Siemens Energy & Automation to receive EDI orders on configured products, tie them to a specification and process them successfully,” said Liz Norman, EDI Business Systems Manager, Siemens Energy & Automation.

“The invoice web form allows for individual customers who are not EDI capable to receive invoices daily through IDX2. They are proactively notified via email that invoices have been delivered and can immediately take the necessary action. This is particularly helpful on direct ship orders and results in a reduced order to cash cycle,” said Norman.

Web Forms and in-network translation services help broaden the scope of businesses that are able to take advantage of interacting with the IDX2. The primary purpose of the Web Form is to reach smaller businesses that have not used eCommerce tools: these businesses do not use electronic data exchange (EDI) and typically rely on faxes to conduct business.

“These additional services have given SEA the flexibility to adapt to unique customer requirements as well as the opportunity to delay EDI development without missing a beat as far as our customers are concerned,” said Norman.

The Web Form is a browser-based application; this is the key behind the success – it can be accessed via the Internet using a standard web browser. Users can open, modify, print, archive and submit forms.

Manual input is held to a minimum since data is automatically transferred from the incoming form to the response forms. All that is required is Internet access and a web browser such as Windows Explorer or Netscape.

“Siemens Energy & Automation uses IDEA’s IDX2 network exclusively. Siemens not only makes use of IDX2’s value added network data services, but also of services including; file translation from EDI to flat file, web forms, and flat files,” said Norman.

To learn more about IDX2’s Web Form solution, please contact
Tom Guzik, IDX2 Product Manager, at (703) 562-4626.