December 6, 2018

IMAP Pricing – Another field available in IDEA Connector!

Did you know that IDEA Connector has a field for Internet Minimum Advertised Price, more commonly known as IMAP or MAPP Pricing? For those manufacturers that use this type of pricing, it is the lowest price for an item that the product can be advertised for online or in a print advertisement.
Manufacturers, IMAP price is just one of 12 types of price fields available for you to load in IDEA Connector. Additional price fields include a list price, several resales, several costs and even a net price field. The IMAP price can be loaded via the B5. Just use the “Type of Price” code of NETPP4.
Distributors, once loaded, the IMAP (Output Price Column P4) and all other price fields are available to be extracted via XML, B5, or via a custom map. In the IDW Documents section, you can find 2 documents on custom mapping. The ‘Mapper Manual’ is the instruction document outlining how to create a custom map. The ‘IDW Outbound Mapper Source Fields’ contains all of the fields that are available to you in the mapper tool including this field.