December 21, 2007

Industry Data Warehouse 2007 Year in Review

IDEA has made great strides with the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) in 2007. During the year, numerous features were added to the system such as Net Into Stock pricing and the Inbound Mapper. The security rating tested by a third party, verified the IDW security was of the highest level, assuring sensitive data such as the Net Into Stock prices are delivered to the distributor’s main house or branch offices with only the authorized receiver having access to the data. Furthermore, IDEA published two user specific reference manuals for manufacturers and distributors to make IDW easier to use. Additional accomplishments related to IDW development and growth in 2007 are noted below.


2007 IDW Fun Facts


  • 100% uptime, no unplanned outages!
  • 37 manufacturer and distributor training sessions were given
  • 23 customized maps were built for customers and made available to others who had similar backend systems
  • 2 Million Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) were loaded by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Flat Files
  • 27 data quality maintenance training sessions were provided to manufacturers
  • 12 manufacturers qualified to submit their own Flat File data
  • 35% is the percentage increase of manufacturers who began providing new pricing information at least 30 days in advance; this is a trend we want to continue in 2008
  • 4 Canadian manufacturers began providing data directly to IDW


2007 IDW Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Breakdown


  • 1,609,909 total SKUs in IDW
    • 80% come directly from over 150 manufacturers
    • 78% are active items with current prices
    • 33% of the active SKUs include enriching data (i.e. images, detailed descriptions, specification sheets) and some even include brochures, technical bulletins, drawings and installation instructions


The 2007 year proved to be a successful year for expanding Industry Data Warehouse and supporting our customers. We look forward to even more enhancements to the system and expansions of our customer base, both manufacturers and distributors, in 2008.


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