April 27, 2011

Information Management Knows Data Quality

Information Management Magazine publishes a blog we think you’ll want to check out – “Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality.” The posts examine data quality best practices and pose thought-provoking questions that make you reconsider how your organization approaches data quality. Excerpts and links to the April posts:

  • The Data Governance Oratorio: “Data governance is a cross-functional, enterprise-wide initiative requiring that everyone, regardless of their primary role or job function, accept a shared responsibility for preventing data quality issues, and for responding appropriately to mitigate the associated business risks when issues do occur.” Read the post.
  • How Active is Your Data Quality Practice?: “Data quality is a reactive practice. Perhaps that is not what is professed in the musings of others or the desired outcome, but it is nevertheless the current state of the best practices. Data profiling and data cleansing are after the fact data quality practices.” Read the post.
  • The Data Quality Wager: “It always seems crazy to me that few executives base their ‘corporate wagers’ on the statistical research touted by data quality authors such as Tom Redman, Jack Olson and Larry English that shows that 15-45% of the operating expense of virtually all organizations is WASTED due to data quality issues.” Read the post.

About the author: Jim Harris is an independent consultant, speaker and freelance writer. He is blogger-in-chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, a blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality and related disciplines. Follow him on Twitter!