March 18, 2009

Introducing a New Way to Get IDEA News – RSS Feed Now Available!

IDEA recently added an RSS feed to distribute This Week in IDEA headlines, press releases, trade news articles and more. You can now subscribe to IDEA news via RSS to receive updates through a web portal, feed reader or email folder.

This new distribution method allows you to scan all the latest IDEA news postings in one location while still having access to the complete articles. Other benefits of the IDEA RSS feed include:

  • Reduced time and effort needed to check the IDEA website for updates. IDEA news comes to you, rather than you having to search for the content.
  • Near real-time updates. RSS aggregators or feed readers can be set to check for updates at regular intervals so you can be the first to receive the latest IDEA news.
  • Minimized email inbox clutter. If your inbox is overflowing, this is the best way to consolidate all of your IDEA news in one location.

Subscribe to IDEA news via RSS today!

If you have any questions on how to set up your IDEA RSS feed, please contact Amanda Johnson at (703) 562-4612.

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