February 20, 2017

ISC Updates Q1 2017

The Industry Standards Committee (ISC) met in early 2017 to discuss efforts to better address the needs of today’s electrical market and how to meet international data quality needs. 

Major Announcements:

  • Congratulations to Mike Polansky, Graybar’s Director of Planning and Procurement, who was chosen as the new Vice Chair for the Data Content and Quality (DCQ) subcommittee. He will be working alongside Pam Pagenkopf of Thomas & Betts to lead the DCQ.The Data Content and Quality subcommittee assists in the effort of developing product data standards and best practices for the industry.


Key efforts for this coming year:

  • The Manufacturer/ Distributor Point of Sale/Point of Transfer Standard developed in 2004 will be updated. This effort will be coordinated with NEMRA to keep the two standards in sync.
  • To better meet the needs of today’s market, the 1993 NEMA/NAED/NEMRA Best Practices for Product ID and Bar Codes will be updated. These Best Practices include packaging hierarchy guidelines and were developed in cooperation by the three associations to give the industry guidance on how to properly identify products.  It seems that many in the industry are not aware of it, which became evident during the excellence evaluations for quality.  Bringing awareness to this best practice guideline should alleviate some of the issues.
  • To better identify products being sold in Canada, additional fields for the Product Descriptor Database (PDD) will be developed, including identifiers for Canada specific data.
  • A Canadian Certification Program will be created to better meet the data quality needs of the Canadian market, like French language, metric units of measure, Canadian pricing, etc.

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