November 9, 2017

Jan Janse is the New President of ETIM International

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ETIM International contact: Marc Habets Phone: +32-2-5889827

Brussels, November 2017

ETIM International, the global coordinating organisation for the technical product data classification, has elected Jan Janse of Sonepar as their new President with effect from 24 October 2017.

Jan, Managing Director of Sonepar’s Technische Unie in the Netherlands for 12 years and latterly leading their Digital Business Development group in Northern Europe, said of his new role “I am honoured and delighted to follow in the footsteps of inspirational ETIM International President Franz Ernst, and to lead the vision and strategy for the classification.”

“Franz was one of the founders of the first ETIM model in Germany and has been instrumental in driving the expansion of the classification. Thanks to his tireless commitment the ETIM classification is gaining ground globally, with Russia as our most recent member. I look forward to continuing his legacy and working with our talented Board to expand ETIM’s scope and reach.”

In addition to appointing a new President, October’s ETIM International General Assembly in Milan also elected two new Board members: economist Hans Henning, executive director of Germany’s electrical wholesalers association VEG and DG Haustechnik, their HVAC and sanitary wholesalers association, and engineer Magnus Siren, managing director of the Finnish federation and their sector’s central database.

Marc Habets, Technical Director at ETIM International added “On behalf of ETIM International, I would like to express how enormously appreciative we are of the effort, energy and commitment that Franz has devoted to ETIM, and his key role in its success. We hope he enjoys a happy and healthy retirement.”


Photo caption: From left to right ETIM International Board Members Eric Piers, Sverker Skoglund, Ryszard D’Antoni, Hans Henning, Magnus Siren and Jan Janse.

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About ETIM International: The association ETIM International is a partnership of national ETIM organizations and has its official seat in Brussels. ETIM International is founded to join forces in the development, maintenance, publishing and promotion of one ETIM Technical Information Model for the classification of technical products. The power of ETIM is the collective; independent and sector wide organizing is the only way to success. The focus of ETIM International for the presence lies on the classification of electro technical products, HVAC, Sanitary and the building sector, but the association is open for entry of other related industry sectors. Current member countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States/Canada and the UK. (

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