April 9, 2016

Join the Next-Gen IDW User Group

If interested in joining the committee, please fill out this short survey.

As we look to define the next-generation Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), IDEA is looking for current IDW users to participate in the new Next-Gen IDW User Group. The group will serve as a forum to collect insights about current user challenges, functionality requests, and user priorities to help guide the deployment and ongoing enhancement of the next-generation IDW platform. Ideal participants are familiar with the IDW and are passionate about making this application more efficient and effective. The group is open to both manufacturers and distributors. To learn more, please visit the Next-Gen IDW User Group webpage.

If you, or someone within your company, are interested in participating in the Next-Gen IDW User Group, please contact Melissa Longnecker at mlongnecker@idea4industry.com or 703-562-4679.

What will the Next-Gen IDW User Group do?

This volunteer group will help IDEA ensure a premium user experience for the next-generation IDW platform. Tasks will include:

  • Validation of software business requirements of the next-generation IDW
  • Providing feedback on potential deployment & configuration options prior to development
  • Participation in system testing for pilot deployments in 2016 and 2017
  • Recommending enhancements for future software functionality
  • Helping to prioritize the application roadmap
  • And more!

How is the group organized, and what is the time commitment?

Membership will be divided into “Core” and “Public” members. Core members – made up of representatives from 10 manufacturers and 10 distributors – will participate in quarterly online meetings and assist with testing pilot deployments over an 18-month commitment. Public members are able to provide input/feedback on a one-off basis and have no set time commitment, but they will not have the opportunity to be as closely involved in the development of the next-gen platform.

Why should I join the Next-Gen IDW User Group?

Simplifying the process for communicating product and pricing information and marketing content drives efficiencies between trading partners and makes that communication cleaner and more effective. The original IDW platform was developed more than 15 years ago, and, as more business moves into the digital realm, IDEA wants to be sure our applications are able to evolve, as well. By volunteering to become a member, you will have the unique opportunity to help ensure the future application meets your own needs as an IDW user, as well as the greater needs of the industry.

If you, or someone within your company, are interested in joining the Next-Gen IDW User Group, please fill out the following short survey. Please contact Melissa Longnecker at mlongnecker@idea4industry.com or 703-562-4679 if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you and hope you’ll join us in the Next-Gen IDW User Group!

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