September 7, 2016

Latest Version of UNSPSC Classification Code Set – UNSPSC v19 – Now Available

A new version of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code ® (UNSPSC®) classification code set – Version 19 – was released in August 2016. The UNSPSC v19 release document is now available for public access and download from within the “Documents” section of the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and on the “Public Standards Documents” page of the IDEA website.

What’s new?

The product descriptors in the Classification and Marketing Descriptor model (CMD, formerly known as the Electrical Attribute Schema) are based on the UNSPSC codes that are relevant and applicable to the electrical industry, and are required to load new product data into the IDW.

In UNSPSC v19, there were no changes to any categories that are currently in the CMD, nor were there any changes to any categories that are used by items in the IDW. There was, however, an inclusion of a new category: 39111547 Low Bay Lighting. If you are a lighting manufacturer, you now have another possible category code you may use to describe your products. This new code has been added to the CMD, and the updated CMD document has been posted in the “Documents” section of the IDW and on the “Public Standards Documents” page of the IDEA website.

What’s on the horizon?    

The IDW currently accepts versions 15-19 of the UNSPSC classification code set. However, as of the next major standards release in April 2017, versions 15 and 16 will no longer be valid in the IDW. At that point, versions 17-19 will be accepted. Therefore, if you are currently using any older category codes that had been removed from later UNSPSC versions, now is the time to update your UNSPSC codes.

If you have any questions about the latest version of the UNSPSC code set, please reach out to your Data Management Specialist or

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