August 30, 2012

Leadership & The Art of Uncomfortable

Denice R. Hinden of Managance Consulting & Coaching is a facilitator and executive coach with a specialty in energizing leaders to new levels of performance. In her blog post below, she shares a poignant memory and her perspective on leadership and discomfort.

While exercising recently I listened to a 1998 This American Life broadcast about summer camp. I laughed til’ I cried remembering fondly my camp experiences in the 1970’s and realizing that even after 20 years, camp is still the same – great songs, crushes on counselors, amazing friends, a sense of belonging, and personal growth. We were different at the end of camp than at the beginning. Leadership is like that too. Every experience makes us different compared to where we start, but where we start determines where we go. In the thought provoking article “Leaning into Discomfort,” we learn about three leaders who are committed to profound social change. They understand that disagreement, disbelief, and even disrespect come with the territory, yet they stay their course, leading in ways that build support, inspire hope, and value different perspectives. At Managance we believe that everyone is a leader at work and in our lives. Discomfort is a natural part of that and we have a choice about how we embrace it. When we look for opportunities in our discomfort we begin to find new possibilities.

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