December 2, 2016

Lee Morris, Marketing Division Manager, Wabash Electric

A short bio:

I joined Wabash Electric in 2016, and I’m enjoying the new people and new challenges. I’ve been in the electrical industry for almost 30 years, starting in the warehouse, then moving on to sales and management. Currently, I manage the web store and marketing department at Wabash. I have over 10 years of experience working with inventory and product data and have been a part of three different web stores, which has equipped me with a strong understanding of the role product data plays in successful business. Today, I also serve on IDEA’s Industry Advisory Council.

Why are you an IDW advocate?

Without the IDW, trying to manage a multitude of vendors and acquire solely pricing and transactional data for thousands of product categories would be overwhelming by itself, let alone trying to populate a web store with accurate information and proper product attributes, as well. The IDW brings  all the data we need together in one place, consolidating efforts, focusing our vendors on what the distribution community needs, and presenting product information in a timely and accurate way so that we can best utilize it. Working closely with IDEA gives us the opportunity to follow the work of various committees and the IDEA staff, who are always working on the next step in upgrading the IDW platform and improving the product data in the IDW. While the industry uses what’s available now, IDEA continues to push data forward!

How does eCommerce affect your business, and how do you think it affects the industry?

In business, you rarely see an upward trend like we’ve seen with eCommerce. As the number of eCommerce purchases in the electrical industry grows, the sharing of digital information is exploding, giving our customers access to product information at their fingertips and changing the way we do business. Distributors are recognizing the need to provide product information quickly and easily to avoid being left behind. If traditional distributors don’t fill this need, new non-traditional paths to market will develop. Easier access to product information is great for our customers, and our staff. The IDW allows Wabash Electric to provide quality information and position ourselves “in the game”.

If you could share one piece of wisdow with the industry, what would you say?

While providing our customers with access to quality information quickly is critical, using the IDW has given me an appreciation for how data also helps our company internally. The IDW data can be used every day by our staff to find better information more quickly, thus reducing hours and demand on our staff while improving our quality of service, and growing our sales. The IDW provides the quality data you need to be relevant in our industry, support your customers’ needs, and improve your efficiencies.

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