October 8, 2008

Making a Difference One Step at a Time

Team “IDEA for a Cure” crossed the finish line at the Washington D.C. Breast Cancer 3-Day 60 Mile Walk on Sunday, raising over $14,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. Captained by Lily Saad, IDEA’s business development director, the team raised over $14,000 contributing to over $7 million raised by roughly 3000 participants. Donna Gaylord, wife of Bob Gaylord, Kristin Cahalan, Diane McIntosh, Deona Wolcoff and Robin Miller joined Saad on the journey.

“It was no doubt a very personal journey for each of the walkers, yet each united in a common sense of purpose, mission and vision for the community. I extend my congratulations and appreciation to each of the walkers and to all who contributed to the cause in whatever the manner,” said Bob Gaylord, president, IDEA.

The walk began with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at Potomac Mills Mall and ended with a celebratory Closing Ceremony in the heart of downtown D.C. Participants were there for various reasons – to battle breast cancer, to celebrate the survivors and to find a cure for the next generation. Saad recalls many touching stories she experienced during the walk.

“One woman signed up for the walk with her mother who was battling breast cancer at the time and sadly her mother passed away before the walk began. It was so motivating to watch her daughter stand tall and finish the 60 miles in remembrance of her mother and in hope to save others,” said Saad.

Watch a video of the D.C. Three Day and find out how to sign up for the Three Day walk in a city near you.

IDEA also donated nearly $1200 to the Red Cross Foundation to benefit disaster relief victims across the country in lieu of 10 year anniversary memorabilia at the 2008 Forum. We would like to thank all attendees who generously contributed to this donation. It is much appreciated by all the people and businesses affected by the recent natural disasters – some of which are friends in our industry. Make a donation to your local Red Cross Foundation.

Four tips to raise money for your charity of choice:

  1. Do something bold – challenging yourself pays off when it comes to raising money. People are more likely to support your cause if they see you step up to the plate and sacrifice your time and resources to the cause. Your dedication will motivate and inspire others to give.
  2. Plan ahead – many charitable events require a specific donation amount to participate so be sure to sign up early, set benchmarks and create an action plan to reach your final goal and ensure success.
  3. Add a personal touch – people are much more responsive to personal letters, one-on-one conversations and phone calls than mass emails. Break out from the noise of their everyday life – share stories of people affected if they do not have a direct connection to your cause. Also, be sure to reach out to more than just your family and close friends (e.g. co-workers and community influencers.)
  4. Get creative – think of ways to raise money by organizing something you and your friends can all enjoy. If you love to cook, have a bake sale; if you like the social scene, contact a local restaurant and charge a cover to support your cause; if you are athletic, organize a sports tournament and charge people a fee to enter. No matter what your charity may be, you can think of creative ways to get others involved.

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