December 6, 2018

Marketing Bullets – Did you know IDEA Connector has them?

Did you know that IDEA Connector now has Marketing Bullets! Ten ‘Marketing Bullets’ fields were added as part of the 2018 IDEA Connector Changes release deployed on 11/09/18. A marketing bullet is a short catchy phrase or sentence that is intended to draw in the eye of the reader and trigger a buying impulse. A “collection” of marketing bullets that are consistent and symmetrical in nature are often used in the marketing of a specific product on a website.

Manufacturers, if you have marketing bullets in your data arsenal, now is the time to load them to the IDW. IDEA has provided you 10 fields to convey these. Loading Marketing Bullets will help your distributors bring attention to your items on their websites/webstores. So, what are you waiting for! Start loading them now! And just as a reminder, these 10 fields are just some of the over 75 fields that the IDEA has available for you to load URLs, descriptions, images and other e-commerce/marketing type information.

Distributors, once loaded, these Marketing Bullets fields are available to be extracted via XML, B7, or via a custom map. In the IDW Documents section, you can find 2 documents on custom mapping. The ‘Mapper Manual’ is the instruction document outlining how to create a custom map. The ‘IDW Outbound Mapper Source Fields’ contains all of the fields that are available to you in the mapper tool including these new fields.