August 27, 2007

Meet Generation C

When you drew a fantastic picture or wrote an A+ paper back in grade school, the best place you could hope to show it off was on the family refrigerator. Today, however, the art masterpiece or A+ paper can be blogged virtually any way and your picture could wind up on desktops worldwide.

Welcome to the world of Generation C – C standing for Content, Creation and Connected. Even though some members of Generation C were born just this decade, they have already impacted traditional media methods. With terabytes of user generated content being created and uploaded every day, user generated content is vying with standard, professionally produced content for the Generation C audience – and seems to be winning.

According to experts, the number of videos uploaded to YouTube will increase fourfold to 198 Million by 2011. User generated mobile content which generated $3.5 Billion in 2006 is predicted to be worth $13.2 Billion in 2011.

Generation C is the “You” in YouTube, the “My” in MySpace and “I” in iPod. They are shaking up the way we make, think and use digital content. While Generation C can’t be tied to any particular age range, it seems that when it comes to digital content, the larger percentage are teenagers who will be entering the work force in the next 3-10 years.

Generation C is made up of digital natives. For them, digital creation is the standard outlet for creative urges. They are not necessarily more talented than their predecessors, but they are more prolific and they have broken the standard flow of content from its creator to the consumer. Generation C is taking on both roles, making companies scramble to find a new role in the cycle and giving them unprecedented power in deciding when, where and how to get their content.

Generation C isn’t the static consumer audience that its predecessors were. If they don’t like something they will create their own. Time is a premium for Generation C and they like to have instant, on demand access to content. They crave control over content both directly and indirectly. By tapping into Generation C’s desire to create and giving them a chance to deliver their work to a global audience, companies are creating content and networks around their products. Generation C is empowered by their creative control and is setting the pace and tone for the way content is developed and deployed.

So whatever business you are in, take advantage of Generation C and give them the freedom and license to help create and deliver your company’s digital content.

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