December 6, 2018

Metric UOMs – Did you know IDEA Connector now has them?

Exciting news! Did you know that IDEA Connector now has Metric Units of Measures (UOMs)! Metric UOM fields were added as part of the 2018 IDW Changes release deployed on 11/09/18. To ensure those fields are populated, IDEA ran a conversion routine on the data loaded in the ‘Imperial’ fields by the manufacturers and auto-populated the equivalent metric value in the ‘Metric’ fields. And vice versa on the metric to imperial. The manufacturer can, at any time, overwrite the auto-populated/converted data.

So how many SKUs have metric UOMs now? 1.8 million! Across 204 manufacturers!

These Metric UOM fields are available to be extracted via XML, B4, or via a custom map. In the IDW Documents section, you can find 2 documents on custom mapping. The ‘Mapper Manual’ is the instruction document outlining how to create a custom map. The ‘IDW Outbound Mapper Source Fields’ contains all of the fields that are available to you in the mapper tool including the new ‘Metric’ fields.