August 27, 2007

More Reasons to Attend the Electro E-Biz Forum 2007

Come hear influential keynotes and general sessions at the Electro E-Biz Forum.

“Facing The Forces Of Change®: Lead The Way In The Supply Chain” Adam Fein, Founder and President, Pembroke Consulting, Inc.

This year’s Opening Session will prove to be one of the most groundbreaking hours in Forum history. Adam Fein, Founder and President of Philadelphia-based Pembroke Consulting, Inc., will provide attendees with strategic insights into the key business and economic trends affecting the wholesale distribution supply chain through 2012. Catch a glimpse of some innovative strategies and tactics that you can use in response to these trends.

Panel: “The Power of Information”Moderator: Gene Randall, former CNN Anchor and Correspondent; Panelists: Bernie Westapher, Group VP Marketing & Sales, Panduit Corporation; Art Cook, President, Buckles & Smith, TBA, SuperValu

Does your organization place a high value on information? As businesses become increasingly more competitive, the need for accurate, secure, immediate information on a business’ operations, products, customers and partners becomes critical to making necessary decisions to keep an information edge. This top notch panel of industry experts, moderated by award winning journalist, Gene Randall, will provide their perspectives on the meaning of ‘The Power of Information’ and how technology’s rapid developments are shaping the way they conduct business.

“A Satirical Look at the Business World” Bob Hirschfeld, Cybersatirist

Satirist Bob Hirschfeld starts the day off with some comic relief for all as he lampoons some of the most trite business practices and provides unique and comical observations on some of the newest technology.

Media Panel: “Interpreting Influential Information”Moderator: Ed Orlet, NAED; Panelists: Tom Gale, Publisher, Modern Distribution Management; Jim Lucy, Chief Editor, Electrical Wholesaling; Joe Salimando, freelancer and contributing writer, TED Magazine

The way in which the media portrays new technology can radically affect the success of its implementation. People receive information from many channels of communication, for example the internet, informal networks or the trade press. Is ‘unbiased journalism’ merely an oxymoron nowadays? We’ll hear the thoughts of three panelists who will discuss how the information they report can influence your business decisions.

“What’s Wrong With this Data? What Distributors Expect from Suppliers”Moderator: Ed Orlet, NAED; Panel: Bob Wittig, Independent Electric; Ken Greenberg, Mid-Island Electrical Supply; David Starr, McNaughton & McKay

Industry panelists will discuss the results of what steps were necessary to correct and improve the content in their product databases. This session will explore relationships and illustrate how to get consistent pricing and more meaningful discount and commodity codes.

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