July 14, 2016

Most Common Programmatic Excellence Errors & Resolutions

The first quality check within IDEA’s Data Certification Program is the programmatic excellence evaluation, in which industry standards and best practices are applied to manufacturers’ data. To help manufacturers in their progress toward achieving programmatic excellence and full data certification, IDEA has identified some of the most common and fixable quality errors that we have seen manufacturers encounter, along with resolutions for those errors. The following is a list of these errors and resolutions, broken down by data group.

Basic Data

  • Invoice description
  • Catalog description


  • Suggested List Price 


  • Pack UOM
  • Total units
  • Lowest level UOM
  • Gross weight per pack

Digital Media

  • Specification sheet URL
  • Image URL


  • Product attribute value


These resources describe resolutions for customers transmitting data to the IDW via Flat Files; however, the same resolutions apply for those transmitting data to the IDW via other formats, as well (e.g., XML, EDI). Furthermore, it must be noted and emphasized that any corrections made and loaded to the IDW via Flat Files are only temporary if they are not subsequently made to the “Master Data” originating in respective customers’ business systems. If the source of the data is not updated as fixes are implemented, then subsequent data loads may result in “bad” data being put back in the IDW. If you have questions, please contact your Data Management Specialist.

Note: The IDW Excellence Module (discussed within these resources) is a tool that enables manufacturers to identify which of their items in the IDW are not meeting data quality standards. The IDW Excellence Module is only available to IDW for Manufacturer (Premium) subscribers.