October 25, 2012

Myth vs. Reality: IDW Fast Facts for Canada

­­Content courtesy of InfoElectro

In the fall issue of Electro-Federation Canada’s (EFC) publication, InfoElectro, you’ll want to check out the feature article about the common misperceptions many Canadian companies still have about the IDW with some clarifications about each. Plus Kevin Mallory, VP and General Manager of Hubbell Canada LP and Marc Hurtubise, Innovation and Technology Services Manager, Ideal Supply share their perspectives of the IDW in the Point of View section. Read this article in our Trade News section “Myth vs. Reality: IDW Fast Facts for Canada.

We’ve started a discussion on the EFC LinkedIn group, “Manufacturer product data available for US but not Canada – Why?” so that you can voice your opinion too. The insights you share could be the extra push a company needs to take action and make this a priority at their company. If you can’t access the discussion, request to join the EFC LinkedIn group or comment on this post directly. Distributors: What else besides Canadian pricing and French descriptions do you need to sell in Canada? How would accessing all your suppliers’ product data from the IDW impact your business? Manufacturers: how is your company approaching this challenge? Are you already providing Canadian product data to the IDW or have plans to provide it in the future?

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